Popular Cakes Styles & Design For Kid’s Birthdays

Are you looking for kid’s birthday cakes in Sydney? Here are some of the most popular cake designs and styles to help you get started.

Birthday Number Cake

The simplest yet elegant, stylish and most appetising birthday cake for kids is none other than the Number cake. You can make these cakes more stunning by adding customisations like mini rainbows, Ferrero chocolates, flowers, or printed images of your kid's favourite superhero or Disney princess and decorating them with colourful frostings.

Frozen Birthday Cake

When it comes to kid's birthday cakes, especially girls, you simply can’t avoid Frozen. Girls love Elsa, and it would make them beyond happier to celebrate their special day with their favourite ‘Princess saves the day’ theme that looks magical in beautiful blues and whites.

Printed Image Birthday Cake

If your kid is particularly fond of complex themes like Minecraft, Soccer, Lego, Pacman, Spiderman or Disney princesses, printed image cakes are the best way to make their wish come true. Simply select the theme and tweak it with a few handmade touches to make them look extraordinary.

Donut Birthday Cake

Donut cakes are another spectacular birthday cake idea to celebrate your kid’s birthday in Sydney— it’s because kids love donuts. They sure look good and taste heavenly, satisfying not just your little one’s cravings but all your guests as well.

Green Truck Cake

Is your kid into trucks? If yes, surprise your kid with this cute green truck cake. The cake displays a beautiful truck and serves as a great idea for a birthday party. You can also customise the colour to match the birthday theme.

Lol Doll Cake

Lol surprise for your naughty little ones. Lol Doll cakes are yet another popular and most loved birthday cake design for kids, particularly girls. Their impressive and eye-catching designs make them extraordinary cakes for your kid’s birthday celebration.

Maxi Cupcake

If you are looking for a statement cake, then make it big and unique with trending maxi cupcakes. Kids love cupcakes, and hence maxi cupcakes will surely delight them and will never be a disappointment. You can customise the cake to your kid’s favourite theme or character with printed image toppings and trendy frostings.

Star Wars Cake

Star Wars cakes are showstopper birthday cakes made for kids. Just ask your kid’s favourite Star Wars character— it may be Yoda, R2-D2, Darth Vader, BB-8 or Grogu, and turn them into stunning cake toppers or sugar models to surprise your kids on their special day.

Under The Sea Cake

Does your kid love the sea and likes exploring the alluring beauty of under the sea creatures and life? Then make sure to surprise the little adventurer of yours with a colourful and cheerful sea-themed Under The Sea birthday cake and have a blast this birthday in Sydney.

Basketball Orange Drip Cake

Dripping cakes are becoming more popular with kids, and this basketball orange drip cake is perfect for a sports-themed birthday party. For added fun, you can personalise the cake with sugar moulds and frostings of your kid’s choice.

Rainbow Cake

Everyone loves a rainbow, especially kids. They are beautiful, and your kids deserve it at least once in their childhood, making it the most memorable and magical birthday cake ever. Adding handmade cake toppers will further beautify the cake and make it a showstopper at your kid’s birthday party.

Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cakes are sure a hit with kids, especially if your kid is into mystical creatures like fairies and unicorns. These are dreamy, stunning cakes that are made in the most delectable way to treat your kid, friends and family.

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