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Lushcups Staff

My Name is Alison and I am the founder, director, baker and decorator @ Lushcups.

My love affair with cupcakes started in 2005 whilst on maternity leave with my second Child, I started baking cakes and cupcakes for friends and family, quickly my hobby turned in to a small business from home.

My fascination with online products lead me to creating an online store for my cupcake creation, an amazing response lead to delivering cupcakes on a daily basis all over Sydney 6 days a week 

In 2010 after 5 years of building the website and continual growth it was time to expand in to a bakery located in Sydney’s inner west.  

During the last five years in the bakery our product has expanded in to cakes as well. The cakes are now as popular as the cupcakes

A little bit about me:

With 10 years background in fashion, product development, buying and design you can be assured that my attention to detail is the main focus. Also knowing what it is like to have deadlines and working to specifications, I know that relying on companies for a good product to be delivered on time and beautifully presented with minimal fuss is hard to come by, I like to make sure that for all functions this is what Lush cups delivers every time. 

For all those parents out there I have two children of my own and realize how important the cake is at your child's birthday party!  

The cake being the main focus of the day you want to know that you will receive a great product that not only looks great but tastes great too.

You can feel safe in knowing that Lushcups will provide you with both!

Lushcups prides itself on great catering and customer service.

Get in contact with us today and we will help you to create your cupcakes and cakes.

Lushcups Staff Decorating Cake

About Our Cakes and Cupcakes

When ordering for Sunday, be aware that the Vanilla will tend to dry out as we do not use preservatives in our mixtures. We suggest sticking to the mud flavours.

If you are wanting cakes earlier than our 10am delivery time we suggest placing your order the day before (keeping in mind vanilla will tend to dry out a little).

There may be a colour variation on the frosting to what you are viewing on your computer screen.

The design/colour of the cupcake/cakes will remain the same as picture regardless of base flavour.

If you require nut free vanilla sponge is the best option :

Ingredients for vanilla sponge: eggs, caster sugar, butter, full cream milk, vanilla essence and self raising flour

Mud cakes contain: self raising flour, plain flour, cocoa, caster sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, butter, full cream milk, eggs, golden syrup, white chocolate, dark chocolate

Cupcake toppers:please note that topper may contain egg white and should not be consumed by anyone with allergies of any kind (egg, peanut, seeds etc)

Lushcups Staff Holding Cake Box