MAXI Cupcake/Small Cakes

Maxi cupcakes and small cakes are so much fun for any celebration. They look gorgeous and are simply irresistible. From traditional to trendy frostings and designs, Maxi Cupcakes and Small Cakes are a complete package of pure delight.

They make a perfect treat for birthdays, small family gatherings and celebrations. Lushcups create Maxi Cupcakes or Small Cakes in beautiful patterns and arrangements which are sure to gain all the attention and make your celebrations extraordinary.   

If you are looking for stunning birthday cakes in Sydney, you are at the right place. At Lushcups, we have an unlimited collection of appetising Maxi Cupcakes and Small Cakes that will leave you in awe. We serve our Maxi Cupcakes or Small Cake in a wide range of delectable flavours, wild colours and designs that will make you want one more piece.

And the best part, they can be made in any design and style of your choice. You can personalise all your birthday cakes and cupcakes with your favourite theme and flavours.

At Lushcups, we make all your orders hassle-free as you can browse and order our small cakes and maxi cupcakes online or order over the phone. You can schedule a local pick up at your convenience at our Cabarita, Sydney, based bakery or have your cake and cupcake delivered to your door. Last minute orders are welcome and always baked fresh!