Wishlist Help

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What is a Wish List?
A Wish List is a convenient way for you to save a reminder of an item you would like to purchase later or an item that is not currently in stock.

How do I add items to my Wish list?
To add an item to your Wish List, view any product you wish to add. Click Add to Wishlist to automatically place the item in your wish List. The Wish List main menu will also provide a link to view all the items in your Wish List.

How do I move my Wish List items to my Shopping Cart?
To move a Wish List item to the Shopping Cart, go to your Wish List page and click Add to Cart for each item you wish to move to your cart. The item will be removed from your list and added to your Shopping Cart.

How do I remove items from my Wish List?
To remove items from My Wish List, click Remove for each item you wish to delete. All removed items will be removed from your list.

Can I make my Wish List available to others?
Yes. Your Wish List is accessible only by you when you are logged in to your account, and you are the only one that can see it on-line. However, you can email your wishlist to a friend by visiting the the Wish List main page, going to Email / Share Your Wishlist and clicking the envelope icon. Your friend will receive your complete Wish List along with a message if you wish to add one. They will be able to follow the links in the email to view each item in the Wish List. Similarly you may share your wishlist on Facebook or Twitter via the Facebook and Twitter icons respectively.