Wedding Cake Trends For 2022

Wedding cakes are the most enticing feature of a wedding. As for 2022, the choices and trends of wedding cakes have only gotten bigger, better, and bolder. It means these cakes will make all your guests turn heads as well as drool for a bite. So, if you are planning your big day this year, make sure your wedding features a cake from the newest wedding cake trends of 2022.

Printed Customable Cakes

Personalise your special day with printed customised cakes from Lushcups Gourmet Bakery. This personal touch for your day will delight your guests with a show stopping cake featuring any image you choose. Whether it's a picture of the happy couple, the family or anything personal and special to you - you can add this to your personalised custom cake order in Sydney. Discover your options here

Pressed Flower Cakes

Cakes adorned with flowers have always been popular for weddings. The style has become more refined and artistic, using pressed flowers on wedding cakes to make them the most elegant wedding cakes ever. The dreamy look of those colourful and edible pressed flowers on the wedding cake will turn your wedding into a dream fairy tale wedding. Whether you want a two-tier or multi-tier cake, fresh and pressed flowers will make them an ultimate showstopper.

Petite Cakes

Small and cute cakes are not often what you see in wedding celebrations, but 2022 has this new trend coming. These petite cakes are perfect for an intimate Sydney wedding with close friends and families. This cake trend extends from last year’s mini weddings and lockdown celebrations as many couples decided to ditch the large celebrations and go for smaller ones. Although the cake is comparatively smaller, designs add a striking effect, making them perfect for weddings. 

Big, Bold and Vibrant Cakes

Fresh flowers and wedding cakes are a perfect combination - a must-have for the tropical summer wedding party. It’s indeed a showstopping wedding cake design that’s been trending on and on, but with bigger, bolder, and more vibrant colours popping out this year. You can add different flowers of colours either in rows or in patterns to highlight the nuances of each flower. And, with more tiers, it becomes a delightful and edible work of art.

Multi-Tier Cakes

Multi-tier cakes are versatile statement wedding cakes, the reason why many couples love them. Three, four and five-tier cakes make majestic and exotic wedding cakes. The separate tiers give them a neat and sleek look, easy enough to decorate with flowers, sweets, or some sprinkles. You can also leave the cake without decoration or naked for a rustic style and finish.

Pattern-Inspired Wedding Cakes

These days couples are more into personalising their big day with unique styles and adding significant aesthetic elements. That being said, pattern-inspired wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular. You can choose decorative elements like a flower, a fabric detail from the wedding dress or unique patterns that make up your wedding theme.

Bas Relief Cakes

Bas relief cakes are simply stunning, and they make great wedding cakes for couples who look for elegant artistic design cakes. You can keep the decoration simple or more dramatic with as many floral details or baroque details as you like.

Modern Minimalist Cakes

Modern Minimalist wedding cakes are super adorable and simply irresistible. Many couples in Sydney love this cake for its textures, smooth pastel colours and modern artistic look. You can also personalise the cake with bold textures and colours to match your needs.

Planning a Wedding in Sydney?

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