The Trends in Wedding Cake Sydney

The Wedding cake always was and will always be one of the most loved features of a wedding. In 2021, the Wedding Cake has become an even bigger feature and can be a real showstopper for your event. With the evolution in designs and the ability to tailor the wedding cake to your wedding’s theme, it’s no wonder the cake is becoming more important for 2021 weddings.

One thing brides and grooms will be keeping a close on eye on is the evolving trends of wedding cakes. For 2021, here are some of the latest wedding cake trends for Sydney weddings that you’ll be sure to want to keep up with.

Hand-painted Cakes

The design of the cake is something every couple and guest focuses on. Hence, this year, the design is going to experience a slight twist with the coming in of hand-painted designs. This allows for you to customise the cake to your tastes, style, and theme. Including edible art on the cake is a unique idea that will light up the wedding venue in no time.

Red Velvet

Once it was the traditional fruit cake featured in Weddings and in more recent years even chocolate flavours gained in popularity. For 2021, we’ve seen a boom in demand for Red Velvet flavoured Wedding Cakes. This delicious flavour is available for your Wedding Cake design at the Lushcups Sydney bakery and it will be sure to delight every guest.

Fresh Flowers

The traditional edible customised flower decorations are still a popular choice for Wedding Cakes in Sydney. However, fresh flowers are a growing trend that couples are loving to create an extra special effect on their special day.

Wedding Cakes Sydney

Cake Toppers

One of the biggest trends in Wedding Cakes in 2021 is the gorgeous and personal feature of cake toppers. These can be designed and customised to fit the couple and you’ll find a wide selection of designs to suit any wedding celebration. The Mr and Mrs cake toppers are the most popular and make a real statement when placed on your gorgeously designed Wedding Cake for your Sydney wedding.

Cake Toppers Sydney

Mini Cakes

Weddings in 2021 can be held in small, personal spaces with good friends and family due to coronavirus restriction. Therefore, some couples are choosing mini cakes for their celebrations. And for this reason, the one-tiered and two-tiered wedding cakes have grown in popularity.

Wedding Cakes Sydney

Cupcake Towers

You can order deliciously baked Cupcake Towers from Lushcups for your Wedding. Huge cupcake towers are in vogue and can add to the charm of your wedding. These cupcake wedding towers are available in various flavours such as red velvet, butterscotch and more. You can tailor the design and message on the cupcakes. The best part about cupcake towers for your wedding is they’re so easy to share with your guests!


Shop with Lushcups and browse our beautiful selection of gourmet Wedding Cakes in Sydney to complete your special day.