The Perfect Cakes For Small Gatherings

Cakes are the symbol of celebrations. Indeed, it is the perfect way to express joy and bring delight to family and friends. It can be your kid’s birthday, anniversary, a christening party, a family occasion, or any celebration. If you are looking for the perfect cakes for small gatherings and events in Sydney, we’ve got you covered.

Exotic Collection of Small Gathering Cakes

At Lushcups, we have an extensive range of small party cakes in different flavours, designs and sizes. Our trick or treat cakes, it’s my candy birthday cakes, and stunner red cakes are absolute showstoppers.

We have 2-tier cakes, printed image cakes, letter cakes, number cakes, donut cakes, maxi and mini cupcake combos and cake packages. So, do you want to see our stunning collection of small gathering cakes? Click here.

Delicious Cakes Made Exclusively for You

Our flavours never go wrong as we handpick only the highest quality ingredients to ensure unsurpassed taste and freshness. We have tons of flavours - from the classic ones to the rich tropical flavours that are decorated to perfection to delight all your guests. Moreover, all our cakes are customisable.

We can tailor anything from design and image to size according to your needs. Our small gathering cakes are usually 4” and 6” large, but you can customise them to 8” or larger. Also, our 4” cakes serve 4-5 people and the 6” serves 12-14, perfect for small gatherings. For larger gatherings, our 8” cakes serve 20 and the 9” services 25 people. 

Last-Minute Birthday Cake Delivery in Sydney

Whether you are celebrating the success of an important event in your life or your loved one, make it extra special with our delicious cakes. Also, if you need something quick or urgent for small gatherings in Sydney, just place your orders online, and we will deliver them just in time. Contact us for more details on in-store pickup, delivery, or customisations.