The Latest Trends In Printed Image Cakes For Birthdays

Printed image birthdays cakes are among the top-selling birthday cakes in Sydney right now. After all, who doesn’t love printed image cakes? From tiny little ones to adults and teenagers, everyone loves gazing at these delicious cakes— made just for them.


Customisable Printed Cakes

You can now customise your printed cake order with any image that you like to make your birthday or celebration extra special and personalised.

Choose your delicious, printed cake flavour to compliment this customised delight for your next celebration.

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Birthday Cakes in Sydney

It’s time to surprise your child or loved one with their favourite pic, fun-filled memory, a cartoon character or anything that makes them feel special. So, here are some of the latest trends in printed image cakes:

Peppa Pig Family Cake

Peppa pig is everyone’s favourite, and so is our Peppa pig family cake and cupcake combo. The cake serves 4 to 5 guests and comes with 12 mini cupcakes perfect for parties to celebrate a birthday.

peppa pig cake


Bluey Family Cake & Cupcakes

Kids adore Bluey and would love to have them adorned on their birthday cake. That’s why our Bluey family cake and cupcake combo always sells fast. The cake looks like a dream and will make your kid’s birthday vibrant, sweet, and memorable, just like Bluey.

unicorn cake


We get it, how upsetting it was when you missed your friends and family during isolation and lockdown birthday celebration. So now It’s time to make up for the ruined birthday celebrations with our trending F**K COVID cakes that are fun and yummy.

F**K Covid

Bitmoji Cake

Personalised Bitmoji cakes get more heart on Instagram and Snapchat because they are cute and brilliant. If you haven’t got one yet, get yourself a bitmoji now, and celebrate your birthday with our Bitmoji birthday cake in Sydney.

Unicorn Cake

Our Unicorn cakes will make your birthday magical. This delicious cake is available in many lip-smacking flavours with size customisations. Just select your favourite flavour, size, and order online. We will deliver it to your front door anywhere in Sydney.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

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