The Latest Trends in Easter Cupcakes

When we think of Easter, our attention has often been to purchase the famous chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. But when it comes to desserts, afternoon tea or simply having something a little more special to share, why not purchase some delicious, gourmet cupcakes from the talented cake makers at Lushcups?

Lushcups cater to every seasonal event you can think of. So, if you’re on the hunt for some yummy cupcakes in Sydney this Easter, check out some of our beautiful, hand-decorated treats on offer:

Pastel Bunny Ear Cupcakes

12 regular sized cupcakes, each decorated with a buttercream swirl, topped with a brightly coloured pastel bunny and flower. Always a crowd pleaser.

Freckles with Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love chocolate freckles and sprinkles? 12 regular cupcakes, alternating between a freckle and blue sprinkles, or a white fondant bunny with a blue flower, the variety and bright colours are loved by children and adults a-like.

Easter Egg Image Cupcakes

24 mini cupcakes, alternating between a printed, edible image of a brightly coloured Easter egg, or a beautiful bright flower. Classic and elegant. Click here to order.

Easter Parade Cupcakes

Something that ‘screams’ colourful and fun! 24 mini cupcakes, decorated with alternating bright colours of buttercream and a beautiful contrasting coloured flower on top.

Bunny White Cake

If a cake is more your style, this mouth-watering, 3 layered cake is sure to please. Covered in white fondant and decorated with an array of brightly coloured flowers, wrapped with a cute bow and topped with an impressive 3D bunny.

This isn’t all we have to offer. Visit our entire Easter range of luxury cupcakes and cakes by clicking here. When it comes to ordering cupcakes in Sydney, Lushcups has got you covered. Contact us today!