The Best Cake & Cupcake Packages For Last Minute Orders

Celebrations, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation, are incomplete without cakes. So, what if you have missed ordering a cake in advance? Never mind! We have you covered. Our last-minute cake delivery in Sydney includes freshly baked gourmet same-day cakes and cupcake packages perfect for all kinds of celebrations. Here are some cake and cupcake packages from Lushcups for last-minute orders in Sydney.

Minecraft Cakes & Cupcakes Package

Minecraft is popular among girls and boys, and a delicious Minecraft cake and cupcake package could be the best same-day cake and cupcake package to celebrate your young teen’s birthday. The 6” cake comes in beautiful green frosting that features a beautiful, printed image from Minecraft, which you can customise, and 24 mini cupcakes that can feed up to 35 guests. The cake is also readily available in various flavours, from vanilla, chocolate, and caramel mud to triple deck and red velvet.

6” Soccer Green Cakes & Cupcakes

A soccer-themed birthday party is a great idea but missing out on the cake can be a disappointing. However, with Lushcups’s last-minute cake delivery in Sydney, you can get a soccer cake + cupcake on the same day without hassle. The 6” Soccer Green Cakes + Cupcakes comes with 24 mini cupcakes that can serve up to 35 guests, perfect for a mini birthday party. The cake is available in a mix of all flavours: white choc mud, red velvet, and gluten-free/nut-free options.

Moana Maui Package

Who doesn’t love Moana? And Maui? No doubt, they are among the most loved Disney characters. If you have missed ordering your kid’s birthday cake on time, our 6” Moana Maui Package is coming to your rescue. It's a go-to choice for kids. Surprise your kids on their birthday with this cake and cupcake package that’s absolutely delicious and looks beautiful. The package includes a 6” cake and 24 mini cupcakes. The 6” cake, together with the cupcakes, can serve up to 35 guests. You can also customise the image, and we will match the icings and decorations accordingly. Also, when it comes to flavours, there are tons of flavours to choose from.

6” Vintage Package

The same-day cake 6” Vintage Package is a beautiful 3-layer yellow pastel cake covered in vanilla frosting topped with fresh flowers and French macaroons. The cake looks stunning and is perfect for all last-minute occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries of your loved ones. The delicious same-day cake package includes 6” cake and 12 regular cupcakes that can feed nearly 25 guests. You also have many choices in flavours, ranging from the triple deck, white chocolate cherry, and red velvet to caramel mud and chocolate berry. 

Sharks Maxi + Cupcakes

Our Sharks Maxi + Cupcakes is a beautiful last-minute cake package that contains a maxi cupcake and 24 mini cupcakes. The cake is covered with vanilla frosting and available only in white chocolate flavour. The cake can feed up to 8 to 10 guests, perfect for an intimate family birthday or anniversary celebration.

Anthony Cakes + Cupcakes

Looking for an extravagant last-minute drip cake? Our Anthony Cakes + Cupcakes is a beautiful and delicious last-minute cake, perfect for all your last-minute celebrations. It’s a 3-layer cake, available in a variety of flavours, ranging from chocolate, vanilla, triple deck, white chocolate cherry, caramel mud, and choc mud. The 6” cake comes with 24 mini cupcakes that can feed 35 guests.

Last Minute Cake Delivery Sydney

At Lushcups, we have more same-day cake and cupcake packages that are great for small last-minute celebrations in Sydney. Browse through our range of cupcakes and cake packages and make your orders online.