The Advantages of Using Pre-Made Cake Toppers

Nothing completes a cake quite like a perfectly crafted cake topper and there are more options than ever to choose from. Artistically designed, they create an amazing wow factor for any cake and can be specifically personalised to the individual or the event.

Easier than doing it yourself

It’s tempting to want to get in there and try to make the cake topper yourself, after all, how hard can it be? Well, you’d be surprised at just how much artistic precision and skill is required to create a cake topper from icing. If you’re keen to make your mark on the cake, then why not bake the base and then look into purchasing the perfect cake topper separately? Lushcups’ gourmet bakery has an array of cake toppers to choose from or we can custom design to suit your needs.

Personalise the cake

The succulent cakes from our Lushcups bakery in Sydney will thrill your guests at any event or celebration. Each is handmade and delicately decorated to ensure you’ll be captivated by the taste as well as the appearance. Once you’ve selected your flavour, why not include a cake topper that will fit perfectly with the personality of the cakes recipient or that will capture the essence of the evening or event?

Looks fantastic

All of our cake creations are always show stoppers at any celebration. However, there’s always something about a perfectly individualised cake topper in 3D glory to really create a wow factor! Your guests will always remember the magnificent cake with that impeccable cake topper that fit the recipient so well. Choose your child’s favourite character, something held dear by your loved one or even personalise a wedding topper to resemble the couple.

At Lushcups’ gourmet bakery in Sydney, all of our cake toppers are brilliantly created from icing and completely edible. Purchase with a cake or without and personalise your cake topper perfectly to your event or celebration. Make a memorable impact that’s delicious to devour. Contact Lushcups today to order.