Our Selection Of Number Birthday Cakes In Sydney

Birthdays mark the successful number of years, an anniversary of your birth, and could it get any more special than celebrating the number itself? That’s why Number cakes are an intimate and personalised way to celebrate birthdays. They are charming and look as good as they taste.

At Lushcups, you can customise them in any size and flavour that will make a splendid birthday cake to remember for years. You can also customise them as Birthday Letter Cakes. Here we bring the best picks from our range of delicious Number Birthday Cakes in Sydney, making it easier for you to choose one to celebrate your birthday or your loved ones this year.

1. Turquoise Tonal Pair

Our Turquoise Tonal Pair is a two numeral or letter cake that is perfect for celebrating birthdays of teenagers as well as adults and seniors. The beautiful look and colours on the cake are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. They are available in various flavours ranging from vanilla to red velvet, which is also available in nut-free options.  This cake serves up to 30 guests, but you can customise the size and colour as per your preference.a

2. Avengers Numeral Cake

Who isn’t a fan of Superheros? This Avengers Numeral Cake is perfect for anyone, including kids, teenagers, and adults, who loves superheroes. The cake looks colourful, yummy and perfectly decorated with your favourite superheroes from Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, and The Flash to Hulk. The cake base offers three flavour options: vanilla, choc mud and white choc mud, which are also available in gluten-free and nut-free options.

3. Letter - Liquorice all sorts

Our Letter - Liquorice all sorts is a stunning birthday letter cake that makes your loved one’s birthday more special and memorable. You can send this cake as your birthday gift to your friends or family members anywhere in Sydney easily by ordering online, and we do the rest. We deliver birthday cakes to your door anywhere in Sydney. You can also customise the cake to any size, flavour, and colour.

4. Pastel Rainbow Numeral Cake

Our Pastel Rainbow Cake is a birthday cake for everyone, especially kids. The cake looks dreamy and magical, and the best part is the cake tastes absolutely heavenly. The flavours, textures and our handmade little rainbow toppers and all the other pastel decors can brighten up your loved one’s birthday, making it more exciting and fun filled. The cake serves up to 20 guests, perfect for a small birthday party.


5. Petite Blues n Browns

Ideal for epic birthday celebrations in Sydney, our Petite Letter/Number - Blues n Browns is a gorgeous birthday cake adorned with all your favourite goodies from French macarons and wafer rolls to Oreos and Ferraro Rocher on lush buttercream frosting. This cake is a heavenly combination of cake and cookies. The cake is also a pure joy to look at and indulge in— so guess what? Your birthday party is a sure hit. Personalise the cake with your favourite flavours and size and delight all your guests.

6. Pastel Animal Numeral Cake

Our Pastel Animal Numeral Cake makes the right birthday cake for all those ardent animal lovers. This delicious cake is show-stoppingly good-looking, smothered with delicious pastel frosting and cute animal toppers. We make it more interesting as you can personalise the cake with your favourite animal cartoon characters like Yogi Bear, Simba, Pluto, Master Tigress and what not. Just order this delectable birthday number cake online, get it delivered to your home— and slice in and enjoy. 


All our birthday cakes are freshly baked and delivered throughout Sydney. Kindly check the product description for the notice period and other information on customisations and delivery options. Contact us for any further information.