Kid’s Birthday Cake Ideas You Can Get in Sydney

What are kids most excited about birthdays? Yes, it's their Birthday cake! Blowing out candles and cutting their cake in front of their family and friends means a lot to them. We all know it.

So, are you looking for birthday cake ideas to show your extra dose of love to your kid on their special day? Here are Lushcups’ ultimate birthday cake ideas for kids in Sydney. Let’s get started.

Custom Printed Image Cake

Custom printed image cake is the closest you could go for conveying your heartfelt wishes and emotions to your kid. Yes, we are talking about customisation.

The best thing about custom printed image cakes is you can customise them with any image and theme that would surprise your kids. The best part is you can upload any image you want to add to the cake! That means you can add a photograph of your child’s favourite sporting achievement, receiving an award or just hanging with friends and family. Any photo can now go on your cake! 

You can also choose other images. It can be your kid’s favourite sport star, toy, superhero, Disney princess or cartoon character. Kids would love to see their favourite characters on their birthday cakes. At Lushcups, we also customise printed image birthday cupcakes and cake combos. 

Printed Image Cake

When it comes to choosing the perfect printed image cakes for your kid’s birthday cake in Sydney, we make the job easy for you. At Lushcups, we have dozens of stunning printed image cakes in numerous designs, colours, flavours, and sizes.

Our edible cake toppers include all your kid’s favourites from Bluey, Peppa and family, team paw patrol to batman and spiderman. 

We also have birthday cakes for your budding sports champs like football, basketball and your kid’s favourite team, Sydney Swans and many more. All it takes is to choose your kid’s flavour of choice and size and spend time with your kid while we do your birthday cake delivery in Sydney on time.

Number Cakes

Number cakes are trending birthday cakes in Sydney. They look absolutely irresistible with all the deliciousness sitting on top or shaped like the number they’re turning. This makes a perfect birthday cake for your kid’s birthday party. And the best part is you can have them decorated in many ways and in many themes. 

You can add eye-catching printed images, fresh flowers together with colourful French macarons, or any cookie your kid loves. When it comes to themes, you can make it a little beach and sea cake with corals, tiny clams and shells or just keep it simple with minimal fondant decor.

Unicorn Cakes

Kids love unicorns! That’s why we have an exquisite collection of unicorn birthday cakes for kids. Our freshly baked and dazzling unicorn cakes are exclusively made for kids who wish to have a magical experience on their birthday. 

We have 2-tier unicorn cakes, double-stack unicorn cakes, unicorn cupcakes, and unicorn cake and cupcake combos. We can also customise unicorn cakes the way you want them.

Novelty Cakes

Are you looking for something different and unique to surprise your kid? Our novelty birthday cakes are just the ones you are looking for. Our last minute novelty birthday cakes will definitely make your kids feel extra special and loved on their special day. 

We have tons of creative designs and mouth-watering novelty cakes ranging from 3D Batman to transformer bumblebee, fairy house and rainbow blue cakes. We also customise and offer both 9-inch and 6-inch novelty cakes.

Novelty 2-Tier Cakes

Create memories with our novelty 2-tier cakes! Our novelty 2-tier cakes are one of a kind that makes the most exciting birthday cakes for your kids. A top-notch 3D 2-tier novelty birthday cake is sure to bring shrieks of delight and excitement to them. Browse through our list of novelty 2-tier cakes, choose your flavour and quickly make your orders.   


Online Birthday cakes in Sydney? At Lushcups, we door deliver our freshly baked birthday cakes anywhere in Sydney. You can also arrange for a pick up from our store based in Cabarita.