Finding the Perfect Themed Birthday Cake

Birthday celebrations are the perfect time to express your creativity and style as it pertains to symbols and images that are prominent in your life. When people throw birthday celebrations, they often use a central theme or colour which facilitates the entire event.

At Lushcups Bakery, we specialise in creating gorgeous themed cakes for various events. Our pastry chefs are expertly trained and very creative. So, they can make virtually any of your wildest cake theme ideas become a reality in no time.

Whether it's an adult’s birthday celebration or kids, we have the perfect cake to match your theme. As a best practice, we always advise you to decide on a theme for your party before actually buying a cake. This will help you avoid any problems when the time comes to actually celebrate.

Keep reading to learn more about our themed birthday cake options.

Choosing the right cake theme for your occasion

To make it easy for our customers, we offer a vast selection of pre-made birthday cakes in Sydney to choose from. We understand that everyone has widely different interests as it relates to specific themes and designs they desire.

So, our pre-made birthday cakes range in style, colour, size, and much more. We can incorporate virtually any design or theme into your cake for a truly unforgettable celebration.

Whether it's a fashion brand, sport, vehicle brand, image, or anything else, our team will craft a great-tasting and simply stunning cake for you.

Our most popular cake theme options

While every client is different, we get a lot of the same theme requests for birthday celebrations involving children, especially. These include themes related to Disney movies, famous cartoons, and more.

Many people who order themed birthday cakes have a misconception that the cakes are all about how it looks. While the look is one of the main reasons to purchase a themed birthday cake, you shouldn't forget the taste.

We can make your desired themed birthday cake in the exact flavour you want. We offer a vast range of delicious cake flavours for you to choose from. Our pastry chefs can even assist you with formulating a unique design for your themed birthday cake if you're having trouble finding one yourself.

Getting your cake delivered

Once the cake is made, you have to be able to eat it, right? This is one of the biggest complaints many people have when it comes to themed birthday cakes, the amount of time it takes to get delivered.

That's where we separate ourselves from apart from the crowd. We offer same-day delivery birthday cake delivery Sydney on all orders placed before 10 AM. You can check all of our available pick-up and delivery times via the delivery page located on our website.

We can offer same-day delivery for themed cakes tailored for all occasions, including:

  • Small gatherings
  • Corporate events
  • Christening events
  • Weddings

We're always developing new flavours and ideas for our clients to choose from. So, to get the full experience of our bakery, you can visit us in-person or conveniently order online.

Order your themed birthday cake today!

We're always willing and waiting to help you come up with the perfect themed birthday cake design for your next big celebration. To get started with your cake, fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call. One of our team members will be glad to assist you in gaining the information you need to decide on which cake is right for your event.


All of our themed birthday cakes are affordably priced. Visit Lushcups Bakery today and let us help you make your next event that much more special!