Find The Best Halloween Cakes & Cupcakes In Sydney

Are you excited for Halloween? Started looking for the best scary and creepy sweet treats like Halloween cakes and cupcakes? Lushcups can help! Our spooky sweet treats are perfect for your Halloween party.

Halloween cakes and cupcakes are a part of Halloween decorations and celebrations. This year at Lushcups, we have a thrillingly delicious collection of spooky Halloween cakes and cupcakes. Our delicious and bright Halloween-theme cakes make a memorable, fun and spooky Halloween party.

Here are some of our extraordinary cakes and cupcakes that you can order online anywhere in Sydney, and we’ll deliver them to your door.

1. Trick or Treat Cakes & Cupcakes Combo

Our Trick or Treat is definitely a Halloween treat, no tricks involved. The cake makes a perfect centrepiece for this Halloween celebration, and most importantly, the cake is a hit with the kids. The 4” and 3-layer cake comes with 12 mini cupcakes in bright Halloween colours topped with Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins, candy, and sprinkles. It is also available in many flavours, from vanilla, choc mud and chocolate to triple deck and white choc mud. The cake serves 4 to 5 guests, and the mini cupcakes can delight all your little goblins, witches, and pumpkins.



2. Halloween Haunted

Look what’s dripping! Our Halloween Haunted Cake is the perfect Halloween cake to share with everyone. The dripping blood chocolate and terrifying skulls make the cake look scary, the ideal spookiness you expect. Though scary, the cake tastes heavenly! Just select your favourite flavour and order online for hassle-free Halloween cake delivery in Sydney. You can also customise the cake.


3. Death Mini Cupcakes

What makes a Halloween party better than the skull cupcakes? Our Death Mini Cupcakes feature fondant skulls and graveyard dirt in lush frosting that looks stunningly creepy yet tastes delicious. The package contains 24 mini cupcakes, perfect for a mini Halloween party. The cake is available in all your favourite flavours with gluten-free and nut-free options. You can also upgrade the number of Death cupcakes.


4. Halloween Frightful

Skeletons and bats and spiders! Does it get any creepier than this? A classic Halloween concept. Make this Halloween all scary and memorable for your kids with our Halloween Frightful cake that comes fully covered in delicious vanilla frosting in spooky Halloween colours and skeletons, bats and spiders. The 4” cake is available in a range of flavours from caramel mud to chocolate and red velvet in gluten-free and nut-free options and perfectly serves up to 4 to 5 guests. Note that the skeletons are not edible.

5. Deadly Mini Cupcakes

Our Deadly Mini Cupcakes is yet another Halloween delicacy. This mini cupcake package contains 24 mini cupcakes in two different designs— one is topped with spooky spiders and the other in a magical purple frosting. The cake looks impressively spooky and tastes absolutely delicious.


5. Witch Unicorn

Celebrate Halloween with a beautiful mystical creature, none other than witches and unicorns. Our Witch Unicorn is a bewitchingly beautiful and delicious cake that makes a perfect showstopper for a Halloween party. The cake is a burst of Halloween colours and cuteness from the charm of the unicorn. The 6” cake is available in a plethora of delectable flavours, like chocolate berry, white chocolate cherry, red velvet and many more. It serves up to 12 to 14 guests.



Looking for online cake delivery in Sydney for your Halloween party?  Order online with Lushcups. At Lushcups, we have more spooky cakes and cupcakes coming up. For cake customisations and other queries, contact us here.