Baby Moana maxi

Baby Moana maxi

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Product Description


    • Maxi cake  

      The maxi cupcake is 15cm in diameter and 7cm in height (not including the frosting) it feeds 8 to 10 guests 


      Cake details 

      Only Available in white chocolate


      Customise an Image:

      If you want a custom image, please email with the image that you would like in jpeg or high-resolution format OR what you would like us to do and we will find the image for you. We will also match the icing decorations to the image OR call us at the bakery 02 9743 4009 to discuss all details including the age and name you would like printed on the image (if at all).


      Acrylic Cake toppers:

      These toppers can be custom made and require 2 days’ notice prices range $45-65

      “Happy birthday” toppers come in gold, silver and black $15

      Please call the bakery if you would like us to add to your order


      Fresh flowers:

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      Handmade cake toppers:

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